L-EAF Adaptive Leader
Certified leaning experience
3 part workshop series
and coaching package
Workshop session dates:

July 25th 11.00 - 3.00 PM EST
Aug 8th 11.00 - 3.00 PM EST
Aug. 29th 11.00 - 3.00 PM EST

Delivered Online
L-EAF's Adaptive Leader workshop series

This immersive hands on training workshop series is designed for teams of 3-5 leaders and administrators who want to upskill their leadership approach and promote the evolution of an adaptive educational system. Over the course of three engaging sessions, participants will delve into the triad of adaptive leadership methodologies that transform their the way in which they work.

The series includes the following L-EAF Certified Learning Experiences:

ValueFLOW Mapping - Leadership teams will learn how to visualize how value streams and business processes, identifying the people, work and tools which make up the value delivery systems in their schools. Teams will create a model to visualize a ValueFLOW system that is native to their schools and use it to discover bottlenecks, reduce waste, and streamline the flow of value.

StrategyFLOW - Practice the arts of vision casting, strategic planning and the transition to tactical delivery of a strategic plan. Develop the competencies to create strategic and tactical roadmaps that align with your institution's mission and values, ensuring clear paths to success and whole organization alignment.

Nested WorkFLOW - Explore the power of Nested WorkFLOW, an adaptive -LeanAgile work management methodology that promotes communication and alignmignment among teams and team-work, encourages autonomy, and values the benefits of a WorkFLOW visual system in fostering high trust/low touch administration teams and unburdening of the cognitive load common in the educational leadership space.

Learning Outcomes:

Develop an adaptive mindset for effective leadership in educational contexts.
Acquire industry-proven techniques to navigate complexity and drive innovation.
Build proficiency in the skills of value stream mapping, strategic planning, and workflow visualization.
Cultivate leadership through intent and purpose.
Learn to measure, improve, and visualize value delivery systems.


Lead with purpose, empathy and innovation, fostering a growth-oriented mindset.
Reduce burnout and stress by implementing efficient work processes.
Improve productivity by reducing/eliminating waste in your organization
Equip yourself with tools to transform your educational institution.
Develop high-performing teams and enhance collaboration.

The Coaching Package Includes:

This package price covers a leadership team of 3-5 people from one school and:
12 months of team/leadership coaching*
12 months access to Adaptive Leadership Community of Practice.

12 months team access to Kanban Zone (teams of 3-5 people. Additional licenses can be purchased separately)

* team will be invited to open coaching hours and can join and get coaching as needed. Individual school coaching support is available and customizable.
Benefits of L-EAF Adaptive Leader certification
Peter Drucker - "culture eats strategy for breakfast."
  • Strategic delivery
    Streamline strategic planning processes and execute initiatives with greater speed and efficiency. This acceleration in strategic delivery ensures that your organization stays ahead of the competition and responds quickly to changing market dynamics, ultimately driving growth and success.
  • Reduced stress
    Effectively manage stress and avoid burnout. Through personalized coaching sessions, individuals will learn practical techniques for stress management, time prioritization, and resilience-building, leading to a healthier and more balanced work environment.
  • Alignment of purpose
    Gain clarity on organizational goals and the path forward, fostering a sense of alignment and purpose. By aligning everyone's efforts towards a common vision, you'll create a cohesive and motivated workforce that is committed to achieving shared objectives, driving organizational success.
  • Improved collaboration
    Our approach emphasizes the importance of collaboration and provides strategies for enhancing teamwork within your organization. Through interactive workshops and collaborative exercises, team members will develop strong interpersonal skills, build trust, and learn how to leverage each other's strengths, resulting in improved collaboration and synergy across teams all while gaining profeciency in more adaptive ways of working.
  • Effective and efficient communication
    A key to success in any organization, and our trainging and coaching program focuses on honing communication skills to ensure clarity, transparency, and effectiveness. Participants will learn how to communicate more confidently, listen actively, and convey messages with impact, leading to smoother interactions, fewer misunderstandings, and increased productivity.
  • Better outcomes
    Drive better outcomes for your organization. By equipping your team with the skills, tools, and mindset needed to navigate complex challenges and seize opportunities, you'll see improvements in decision-making, problem-solving, and overall performance, resulting in tangible and sustainable results.
Meet the coach
  • Coach Jeff
    CSA, IKP, WFP, LFP, LKP, L-EAF Certified Coach
    Coach Jeff is an innovator, founder, consultant, speaker and Enterprise Agile Coach with over 20 years experience as an Enterprise Agile Coach. Jeff supports companies, government agencies, schools and teachers discover a better way of working by applying agile frameworks and methodologies.
  • Once we visualized our admissions process, we were able to "see" why some families were moving so slowly. We tried a few things and, just like that, a better expereince for every family applies.
    Director of Operations and Admissions, private school
  • What of the unplanned benefits we have gotten from nested WorkFLOW is work is no longer "missed" or "forgetton" when thing are on fire. The
    HoS, private school
  • I have never seen a group of leaders get into alignment so fast. Can this way of working be used anywhere?
    Asst. Dir. of Elementary and Secondary Education, MA Dept. Education
  • Having a way of tracking the things I have gotten done and being able to recycle the ones that worked best and improve the ones that might benefit from improvement, has been invaluable.
    Dir. of Education private school
  • As a board, we have never moved this fast. What we accomplished in 10 months, would have taken us 2 years working the way we used to.
    Board Chair private school coalition
  • Having been a Head of School and now a Board Chair, I can appreciate the value of how quickly and easily we find and maintain alignment. If needed, which it is not, I could trace the work being done throughout the school to the strategic initiatives laid out by the board and the ease at which the HoS is able to pivot from stretegy to tactis is mind blowing.
    Board Chair, private school
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Minimum number of teams is 3
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