L-EAF.org resller program
introduction webinar
June: 11th, 2024
1.00 - 130 PM EST
Online via zoom
About the 30-Minute Webinar:
Join Advanced Enterprise Agility (AEA) for an exclusive 30-minute webinar where you'll explore how partnering with L-EAF can elevate your educational consultancy. This engaging session offers insights from top-tier resellers and educators who have benefited from L-EAF's transformative programs.

During this webinar, you'll discover how to:

  • Innovate Your Consultancy: Learn about L-EAF's certified learning experiences and how they align with your goals for improving educational leadership and student engagement.
  • Unlock New Business Opportunities: Explore the benefits of joining the L-EAF reseller program, including access to cutting-edge training and a supportive professional community.
  • Hear from the Experts: Get firsthand insights from educators and leaders who have experienced the positive impact of L-EAF's programs in their schools.
Don't miss this chance to learn how L-EAF's reseller program can help you grow your business and make a meaningful impact in the education sector. Register now to secure your spot in this informative and inspiring webinar!

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